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Photo Set

Warning: this blog will give you a laugh-attack.
  • 1.Where and when was your first kiss?
  • 2.How long can you go without your phone?
  • 3.Last time you kissed someone, were your hands around their neck?
  • 4.Are you slowly drifting away from someone?
  • 5.Do you prefer warm or cold weather?
  • 6.Have you ever fallen asleep in someones arms?
  • 7.Do you still talk to the first person you kissed?
  • 8.Do you find it in your heart to forgive?
  • 9.Did you ever waste too much time on a certain boy or girl?
  • 10.Who in your life has hurt you the most?
  • 11.Can you make yourself cry?
  • 12.Are you easily confused?
  • 13.Is most of your current hair your natural colour?
  • 14.Everything happens for a reason?
  • 15.Have you ever dated someone more than once?
  • 16.Who was the last person of the opposite sex to text you?
  • 17.How do you feel about them?
  • 18.When was the last time you threw up?
  • 19.The last person you kissed, do they mean anything to you?
  • 20.Do you honestly speak your mind no matter what?
  • 21.What if someone asked you to be in a relationship with them?
  • 22.What are you waiting for?
  • 23.Give me some lyrics of the song you’re listening to?
  • 24.If someone you wanted before, came back now, would you take them?
  • 25.If given the chance, Go back to fix a past regret or a million dollars?
  • 26.Would you ever date someone because of money?
  • 27.Have you ever had to choose between two people?
  • 28.Have you had sex today?
  • 29.What’s currently bothering you right now?
  • 30.What are you thinking about?
  • 31.Would you hook up with the last boy you texted?
  • 32.Would you rather it be sunny or rainy?
  • 33.Would it suck to have to share a bed every night?
  • 34.Do you think its cute when someone kisses your forehead?
  • 35.Do you plan on sleeping in tomorrow?
  • 36.Are you wearing makeup?
  • 37.It’s 4 in the morning, your phone rings, who is it?
  • 38.Is your phone right beside you?
  • 39.Have you ever had a best friend who was the opposite sex?
  • 40.What’s in your wallet?
  • 41.Why is your relationship status the way it is?
  • 42.Have you ever done something you told yourself you wouldn’t do?
  • 43.You’re drunk, who’d take care of you?
  • 44.Do you remember the first time you kissed the last person you kissed?
  • 45.Was your last text message from a girl or boy?
  • 46.What would be the first thing you would do with 100,000 dollars?
  • 47.Which would be more meaningful to you: I love you a lot, I love you so much?
  • 48.Are you easy to get along with?
  • 49.Does love exist?
  • 50.Has anyone upset you in the last week?
  • 51.Do you know someone who is CONSTANTLY texting?
  • 52.How many pairs of Converse do you own?
  • 53.What’s the problem with you and the last person you kissed?
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i can’t believe john stamos is turning 49 this year!


i can’t believe john stamos is turning 49 this year!

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Photo Set

Anyone who didn’t spend half their childhood watching this show most likely doesn’t have a soul. Just a heads up.

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